Salzburg – The Sound of Music

Salzburg – Austria. Where the Sound of Music is still alive. Wonderful gardens, divine chocolate and desserts, and happiness abound.

Louvre – Oh my God!!!

Paris – The Louvre – The place were art from all over the world has accumulated (volunterily or involunterily). There art and nature can mix in, sometimes, unpredictable combinations. A fest for the eye, for sure.

Llamas in Machu Picchu

At elevation of about 6700ft, the peruvian llamas seems content next to the Machu Picchu ruins. They are at home. A claim that we, as visitors cannot make.

San Francisco – Castro

Intersection of Castro and Market in San Francisco. The night always brings the city alive. The picture was taken from Twin Peaks, the hills right over Castro.

Mission San Juan Bautista – California

In Mission San Juan Bautista, close to Gilroy, CA, the old way the mission was running has been kept intact. The dwellings they way they were, the storage areas the way they were, the cartwheels in their place. It all creates an atmosphere unique to the place and time the mission was at its peak.